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MMA Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport which uses a wide variety of fighting skills and techniques from different martial arts and contact sports.
The rules allow the use of strikes and grappling both when the fighters are standing as well as on the ground. The popularity of this sport has been growing at a very fast pace since it first became known in 1993 thanks to the celebration of the Ultimate Fighting Championship event, and it is currently regarded as the fastest growing sport in terms of popularity in countries such as United States, Brazil and Japan.

At our shop you will find the greatest range of brands and equipment for the practice of Mixed Martial Arts:

MMA Gloves: They are essential for fighting and fall under two types: professional ones, which are used for competition and sparring ones, which feature more padding and are designed for gym use.
Mouthguards: It is very important to use a good mouth protector during stand-up as well as ground combat to avoid jaw and teeth injuries.

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