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Kick Boxing / K-1

Kick Boxing / K-1

Kick Boxing is a contact sport originated in Japan by karateka and boxing promoter Osamu Noguc which incorporates techniques from Boxing, Karate and Muay Thai. It features punches and kicks, with the low kick being its most representative technique and which sets it apart from Full Contact.

To practice this sport, you'll need:
- Boxing gloves: Depending on your weight and intensity of training, there are different gloves based on ounce weight. The gloves we stock range from 8 to 20 ounces.
- Shin guards: if you care for your shins and those of your partners, these protectors are as important as the gloves.
- Shorts: Our shorts allow for optimal mobility for Kick Boxing.
- Mouthguard: Essential for protecting your teeth from potential blows. Wearing a good one plus keeping your jaw closed while training or sparring makes it practically impossible to end up with broken lips or teeth.
- Ankle supports: some practitioners and competitors are also fond of wearing specially-designed ankle supports.
- Backpack: we suggest it has a large capacity for carrying all your protective gear, training clothes, towel, sandals, etc

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