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Buddha One Boxing Shoes Black-Silver
Buddha One Boxing Shoes Black-Silver

Buddha One Boxing Shoes Black-Silver

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Boxing boots
Brand: Buddha
Model: Buddha One Boxing Shoes
Color: Black-Silver
Material: Polyester


One of the most anticipated references this season arrives, the One Boxing Shoes, being an exclusive model, designed with an ultra-light structure giving a natural shape to the foot, for unique control and grip both in training and in competition. Model One Boxing Shoes are the result of several months of work, a research and development process among many of our sponsored athletes, boxing trainers and material experts, offering the best product, quality-price on the market. Buddha has designed an innovative model, with a futuristic touch, without losing the identity of the brand. Highlight two fundamental aspects: Your comfort. It is made of state-of-the-art materials being ultra-light with an inner sole, giving a very pleasant grip sensation. The protection. Its structure is firm, with a rubber sole and a lace-up grip, adding a velcro for better ankle support.

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